Brand Baseline

Dream 2.0-01Dream

A sustainable world for generations to come

Vision 2.0-01Vision

Minimize the waste of energy & Maximize the use of renewables


Thermaflex is dedicated to inventing and producing quality products based on polyolefin technology. We supply energy-saving, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solutions that are the reference for the market


Taking care of energy and the environment

Core Values

Our core values are key and we communicate these through our visual identity

Core Values-01Open & honest (transparent)

we are open and honest towards each other, based on mutual trust and understanding. We communicate clearly and share our intentions and objectives. We’re passionate, convinced, but we stay open and honest. We may not have all the answers, but together we can find them.


we take responsibility towards each other, and towards our stakeholders and society through:

  • Commitment to the environment and using resources in the most responsible way
  • Socially responsible business, including social and cultural respect and integration
  • Stimulating learning and development in the broadest sense (share, learn from mistakes and best practices – internally and externally)


actively and creatively looking for new and better ways of doing things, in all aspects of our business. Through co-creation and smart combinations we add new insights to our experience as well as new technologies to offer better solutions to our markets. We have the guts to try and make things happen. We can and will make a difference!



1. Our vision, mission and core values are our reasons of existence as a profitable company and organization we like to work in

2. Thermaflex is one organisation, in which we personally contribute to Thermaflex by interacting, relating, seeking and finding co-operation in order to realize our personal as well as Thermaflex’ full potential. We take our professional as well as our social responsibility (We do not tolerate politics, manipulation, double agenda’s or too big ego’s)

3. The market is leading in our priorities at all times. We meet and exceed the experience and expectation of the market

4. We should not try to do something ourselves if someone is already doing it very well. Unless we can do much better. We outsource and co-operate where we can, no more ‘me too’

. We have the ambition to develop the systems of the future. By sustaining and disruptive developments, we take many small steps, but can also implement something drastically new

6. Local teams will be strengthened to enable them to take their responsibilities, run their business and to decide on their own priorities and business opportunities. Local diversity within one Thermaflex

     7. We strive for operational excellence

     8. Anchoring these fundamentals is a must

Brand Values

Our brand values show what we stand for, our proposition and what we believe.

Smart Choices 2.0-01SMART Choice

Thermaflex is a SMART Choice’ company. We combine our passion with rational thinking and behaving. We communicate our commitment to creating a sustainable world for future generations. We take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) within our company and with our partners and stakeholders. Our sustainable mission/origin drives our SMART choices from development to implementation.


  • By always looking for better, faster, easier, more sustainable solutions and we go a step further to find them. We engage and empower to make a difference. Our solutions are technically sound and proven in practice, serving the benefits of all stakeholders
  • In and through our processes, components and solutions that are responsible, sustainable and environmentally sound. If they’re not smart, we don’t do it
  • By being down to earth. We simply do what we promise in a goal-oriented and result-driven manner
  • Through involvement in society and social responsibility (If it is not socially responsible then we don’t do it!)
  • By creating a different experience, while being accessible, knowledgeable and helpful
  • By helping others do good – we add value and make the final solution more sustainable and reliable through our innovative power, co-creating- and sharing success


Addressing our added value…

The triple bottom line (3 pillars of sustainability)

Our mission is also about shifting mindsets. We aim to evolve social norms inside organizations to think about sustainability proactively and embed sustainable perspectives in day-to-day decision-making. We engage our stakeholders in our ambitions and strive to co-create where we can to maximize the benefit for all.

As an employer, we aim to be a source of energy for passionate employees, empowering them to unfold and expand their potential. We offer them the opportunity to grow, develop and play on their own strengths while operating worldwide in a safe and responsible way.People-01


We believe in the circular economy. By design, our products, systems and solutions are modelled to nature’s systemic processes. The materials we put it in the ground become part of an ecosystem, as nutrients circulating in a healthy, safe environment – spanning for generations.

Our long-term ambition is to reclaim these recyclable materials and close the loop. Maximizing the use of renewables and minimizing the waste of energy addresses the growing resource scarcity today as well as decarbonising our energy demand. Also in our own manufacturing processes we develop and improve operations and technologies to minimize waste, save and recycle energy and production waste, and prevent air, water, noise or any other pollution.


This goes far beyond our own checks and balances. It is about the economic value we add to society as a whole. Not only do we sustainably maximize operational benefit through efficient and maintenance-free systems, we also significantly save installation costs by minimizing labor, time and further material needs. That’s why we don’t speak of cost, but benefit of ownership.


Corporate story & brandbooks

Below you can download the Corporate Story Presentation:

Presentation Thermaflex corporate story

And the Brandbooks in German, Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Thai and Russian:

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