Layout Grid

Grids are essential for design as they give a structure to your information.

There are two main types of layouts: vertical or landscape. There are also only two types of grids. One that has an even number of columns and one that has an odd number of columns. An experienced designer knows that a specific style of design can only be achieved by an odd number of columns, or alternatively, by using an even number of columns.


Harmonizing the layout formats

With the new Thermaflex brand guide, we have made a bold move to drastically harmonize the way we present elements because not only is the future digital, the present is as well!

  • Digital screens: landscape since forever and getting wider and wider
  • Powerpoint presentations: horizontal
  • Business cards: horizontal

The classical A4 printed document will probably never change but for all other (yes, all other!) media formats we hereby standardize the 16:9 landscape mode.

The following formats will also change from “portrait” mode to landscape mode:

  • Commercial brochures
  • Flyers (folded-open)

Everything within the 4:3 and 21:9 format is fit for display purposes

Width Height ASPECT RATIO Example
4 3 1,33   TV
29,7 21 1,41 A4 Landscape
2560 1600 1,60 Monitor
16 9 1,78 Cinema
1920 1080 1,78 Monitor
21 9 2,33   Cinema