General Brochure

Pictured below is the new design of our corporate brochures in line with our brand image. As more and more content is developed for digital as well as print, we maximize our use of landscape assets in order to establish universal formats. This makes for an easy transition between brochures and other files, such as presentations.

The General Brochure is intended as a corporate introduction of Thermaflex, and is therefore distinct from the technical brochure in the next post. It covers our history, values and philosophy, a general overview of our MASS(C), i.e. the markets and applications that we serve, and the solutions and systems we engineer to do so, proven by a handful of our best, yet diverse case studies. As it serves to inspire, engage and inform on a broad level, it has a more inspirational tone than our technical brochure and excludes specific component ranges or technical details.

Broch Mockup cover(1)Broch Mockup spread1Broch Mockup spread2

Where possible, the general brochure should always be customized to its relevant audience, i.e. regions, countries, stakeholders, markets and/or submarkets.

For printing, the paper details are as follows:

  • Paper: MS Silk
  • Quality cover: 250 grams
  • Inside pages: 150 grams
  • Printing method: digital

For a walkthrough of the new brochure and to find out which next steps to take for a regionally tailored brochure, please contact Simon Delaunay & Steef van Loenhout. They can also provide you with a digital or printable version of the brochures displayed above.


Business Cards

Below you can find the new design for your business cards:


The details of the paper are as follows:

  • Paper: MS Silk
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Printing method: digital

Please stick to these properties to ensure a uniform appearance. For the printable file, contact Simon Delaunay or Steef van Loenhout

Product Boxes

Product boxes are part of our image too and are a powerful mean to bring our message to customers and partners.

The new design concept  refers to the Thermaflex communication concept based on ‚tree’ and its best distribution functions.
The transition from “roots” to “network” is visualized on the box itself, which is produced using only 2 colours.


There are plenty smart additions possible:

Instructions can be printed on top:


Moreover, the new box layout allows plenty of extra information:



The new design  for tradeshows is under development, but here’s a preview:

booth stand 4

Central to the concept is a heightened floor under which the  Thermaflex solutions can be visualized.

boothstand 3

boothstand 2

boothstand 1

The new template for tradeshows will soon be made available here


Powerpoint Template

We’ve adopted a standard Powerpoint template in order to align our corporate and technical presentations. Also here, a landscape format is used.

Below you’ll find a ready-to-use template with the most important slides and commonly denominating presentation blocks.

ppt overview

The actual powerpoint presentation can be downloaded here:

Thermaflex Template general

Please do share specific slides you might wish to develop later so that we can evaluate developing specific new templates sets for.

Layout Grid

Grids are essential for design as they give a structure to your information.

There are two main types of layouts: vertical or landscape. There are also only two types of grids. One that has an even number of columns and one that has an odd number of columns. An experienced designer knows that a specific style of design can only be achieved by an odd number of columns, or alternatively, by using an even number of columns.


Harmonizing the layout formats

With the new Thermaflex brand guide, we have made a bold move to drastically harmonize the way we present elements because not only is the future digital, the present is as well!

  • Digital screens: landscape since forever and getting wider and wider
  • Powerpoint presentations: horizontal
  • Business cards: horizontal

The classical A4 printed document will probably never change but for all other (yes, all other!) media formats we hereby standardize the 16:9 landscape mode.

The following formats will also change from “portrait” mode to landscape mode:

  • Commercial brochures
  • Flyers (folded-open)

Everything within the 4:3 and 21:9 format is fit for display purposes

Width Height ASPECT RATIO Example
4 3 1,33   TV
29,7 21 1,41 A4 Landscape
2560 1600 1,60 Monitor
16 9 1,78 Cinema
1920 1080 1,78 Monitor
21 9 2,33   Cinema