Do’s and Don’ts

DO make clear that ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’ are not just nice PR, it’s also a smart choice

Too many companies go into “green washing” mode. Everything is good for the environment, for humanity and people and… whatever. At Thermaflex we don’t do “green washing” because we know for a fact that what we do is environmentally beneficial AND simple AND profitable AND socially responsible. And we can prove it!

This win-win-win-… is a key differentiator because we can inform stakeholders that Thermaflex offers multiple returns on investments, cooperations, partnerships, etc.

DON’T use negative language, keep it positive

Negativity starts firing in the chemical jungle of the reader’s brain and makes them less susceptible, less agreeable, less positive in outlook. It eats into the effect of your copy like little drops of acid eating into a polished surface. Did that analogy feel good to you when you read it? Positive language makes your copy friendlier, more pleasurable and easier to read.


× Pay for a better system -> ♥ Invest in a sustainable future

× The problem is the cost of energy > The challenge lies in maximizing your use of energy

× Not long or difficult to install -> Quick and easy to install

DO back up your story with facts and figures where possible, it increases credibility

Statistics, graphs, diagrams, research, endorsements can put things in perspective for your audience in ways that clever writing or catchy slogans never could. Logic influences readers as much as emotion does. However, do make sure your stats are relevant and comprehensible.


× Data centres consume a huge amount of energy, and generate a lot of heat

× Data centres consume about 150,000 kWh every year, and generate a lot of heat (reader will find it hard to comprehend such a number)

The average power density of a data centre is equivalent to about 9 shopping centres, and all those servers generate a lot of heat

DO communicate as custom-fit to the relevant audience as possible, that’s the best way to engage readers

Thermaflex serves the needs of many different markets and stakeholders, and we tailor our solutions accordingly. It is important that this is also clear in our communication. Prospects couldn’t care less about what we offer until they realize the explicit benefit to them. The best way to address that is through the Features (“what?”), Advantages (“so what?”), and Benefits (“what’s in it for me?”) approach.


-> Our materials are flexible (Feature)

-> Which means minimal installation time and hassle (Advantage)

-> What that means to … (Benefit)

  • Installer: keeping tight schedules
  • Contractor: building a good reputation
  • Residents/municipality: minimal disturbance to built environment
  • Client: cost control

Make sure to address these benefits as inclusive and tailored as possible. Make it seem like a face-to-face conversation.

Custom-fit also goes for the vocabulary you adopt in your content, like with our core values and inspirations. ‘Inspired by nature’ means we try to communicate via metaphors from nature (trees, leaves, branches, ecosystems, …) where we can in our philosophy, contributions and values.

Examples of tailored headers:

  • Food industry – Discover our nourishing ingredients for high standard food production!
  • Heat recovery ventilation – A breath of fresh air with Flexalen HRV!

DON’T be too formal, keep it light and down to earth. Less is more

We think deeply, but communicate clearly. We have some fantastic things to tell, and we can easily substantiate them. We don’t dumb down, but neither do we over-complicate. We hold our audiences as intelligent, but not expert. Use the active voice and try to avoid long sentences, big words, jargon and corporate speak. It’s difficult to understand and nobody really wants to read that. Punchy, skimmable and concise – that’s what we’re going for!


× indicate -> ♥ show

× eliminate ->  get rid of

× assist, facilitate -> ♥ help

× obtain ->  get

× superior ->  best

× A hardly unceasing thermal conductivity performance is propounded by the excellent lambda value of Flexalen 600, also in the imminent future

♥ Flexalen 600 ensures a high and stable performance to serve your needs of today, and tomorrow

DO invite partnership, cooperation and co-creation – we’re not just selling

Thermaflex is inclusive and friendly, with a strong social conscience. We have a lot to say, but most importantly we want to listen and invite dialogue. We want to engage with our many audiences and be involved with inspiring new activities and ideas that we can realize together with our stakeholders. We don’t just do things, we make things happen.


× Thermaflex makes pipes that are sustainably efficient and easy to install

♥ With our wide experience and extensive know-how in thermal energy distribution, we can work together to maximize your benefit of ownership

Let’s”, “Together”, “In cooperation with...”, “How can we…?

DO write powerful headlines and subheaders, they entice visitors to click on and read more

Your headline is the first impression you make on a reader. Make sure it’s not the only. A powerful header turns a browser into a reader. It should communicate the main message you want to send in a creative and engaging way. Subheaders also give you the opportunity to break up large blocks of text and make your content skimmable.


  • Agriculture: Renewable energy in agriculture: a natural fit
  • Thermal Centers: Hot rocks in a cool solution
  • Hospitality: Harmonizing comfort, capital and climate
  • Flexalen HT SolarLight: Simple, safe and sustainably solar

First impressions also relate to the rest of the content. Always start with the good/important/positive news, it will engage your audience to read on.

DON’T use sector-wide clichés. We will set the standard that others follow

Top clichés:

× World-class, world leader, … We’re not a world leader. We may be a reference for the market, but we’re not the biggest.
× Turnover, profit, employee total, … No-one cares.
× Iconic, champion, … Let’s not pretend we’re Jesus.
× Superior, admirable, … Even though this may be true, we don’t want to seem arrogant.
× Align, conform, … We don’t conform, we set the standard.
× Better than, smarter than, … We don’t shoot at our competitors. We build our story on own strengths

The best written metaphors and details catch attention because they surprise and make people think. We want to make people think.

DO give our story an emotional charge. It provokes and motivates readers

The voice of Thermaflex seeks an emotional connection with the reader to our brand. So it should contain life and compel a reaction. We are passionate about what we do, and the changes we bring about for society and environment. We like to share that, tell our story and offer insight into our ideals. Most firms talk about rational benefits of their products, whereas emotional hooks are much more powerful – so we should be telling a story. Good storytelling involves:

  • A good plot and theme: this reflects the Thermaflex mission and philosophy
  • Characters and setting: who is our hero? The stakeholder we’re trying to reach
  • Conflict and resolution: conflict creates tension, and thus costumer interest. Their challenges can be overcome on the trail that we guide

This is just one example, there are many ways to tell a good story… It often also helps to bring structure in your writing.