About this guide

This style guide provides guidelines about how to design Information (brochures, web pages, presentations, …) focussing on the style (visual identity).

It describes:

  • Structure design
    (i.e. page structure, a grid for the different zones, …)
  • The use of colours and its meaning
  • Standards for use of graphics, tables and diagrams


They are based on a certain number of designs and provide a visual vocabulary on which additional screens can be designed with the correct Thermaflex look and feel so that all designed information does reflect the Thermaflex brand. You will find information and recommendations to help you create visual material that allow you to focus on getting the job done.

The Thermaflex Branding Guide adopts a system of ‘absolutes’ and ‘flexibilities’:

  • Absolutes are strict guidelines from which one cannot deviate. These absolutes are centrally determined and managed.
  • Flexibilities are “loose” guidelines allowing for some interpretation and leaving some extra room for creativity. Still, flexibilities rely on standard elements to be chosen from.