Visual design

A great way to communicate the Thermaflex brand image is to use imagery from nature. When we do, again, we have to pay attention to the Thermaflex green-white-blue spectrum. Here, the super position of the Thermaflex logo is possible.

The following images are also formatted for various social media platforms:

Profile picture:

Logo 650x650

This is our uniform profile picture to be used on all platforms. All resize profile pictures automatically, so no need to format here.

For cover photos, it’s a different story. Below you can find the different formats.

Facebook cover photo:

Map Facebook 851x315

Leaf Facebook 851x315
(On Facebook, it is better not to use the logo on the visual as it is already provided in the lower left corner by Facebook itself)

LinkedIn cover photo

Without dropshadow:
Map Linkedin 646x220

With dropshadow:
Leaf Linkedin 646x220 - Drop Shad

Twitter cover photo:

Map Twitter 1500x500

Leaf Twitter 1500x500(Also on Twitter, the logo is already present on the page itself)