Content Design

The following page info, in accordance with Thermaflex International pages, can be used to implement the content design of your social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • Page name: Thermaflex region or country (depending on language you communicate in)
    Note: Do not use internal regional abbreviations like CEU, SWE, etc. They are not commonly used outside Thermaflex
  • Company size (LinkedIn): Region – dependent
  • Categories: Somewhat region-dependent. Common denominators: energy, environment, distribution networks, sustainable heating/cooling (where relevant), sanitary water, air-conditioning, insulation, Flexalen, ThermaSmart Pro, pre-insulated pipes, etc
  • Year founded: Region-dependent
  • Short description (Facebook + Twitter): We are Thermaflex, securing smart and sustainable distribution solutions for the thermal energy needs of today, and tomorrow…
  • Long description (Facebook + LinkedIn): based on ‘we, thermaflex’ website pages

    Thermaflex: taking care of energy and the environment

    Existing and developing societies are in need of sustainable solutions for energy and water. Together with our stakeholders, we help build systems for future generations. In everything we do, we are inspired by nature as it is always systemic, smart and efficient in its solutions.Global threats such as climate change, resource scarcity and ecosystem health are our long term strategy drivers. Our philosophy focuses on making impact. Through thermal energy networks, operational excellence and by developing smart solutions together.

    Our design for durability, recyclability and responsible processes demands a minimum use of resources for maximum benefit. We make a significant difference for those involved in heating, sanitary hot and cold water or cooling applications in over 40 countries, of which five with own production sites.

    We are innovative, sensitive pioneers in sustainable development; leading is our impact on the environment. Our company is focused on a strong social culture, innovative technologies and close relationships with partners that share our vision. We connect and co-create with our stakeholders, based on true relationships, a shared vision and performance.