Corporate Story Imagery

The following images are part of the corporate story. They form a complete set and are not to be used for generic, casual display. They are characerized by a serene white background to put maximum focus on the message of the images.

The leaf image symbolizes the transition from nature networks to thermal networks


The tree&root image symbolizes our origins and what we have come to realise


The acorn image symbolizes our contribution to the future


The satelite imagery illustrates that our solutions work all over the world.continent

The holistic tree symbolizes the fact that we think in circularityhollistic

The network-on-a-roll symbolizes the fact that we take our inspiration from nature in providing branched solutionsuitrol

The tree-cork-tube image symbolizes the fact that nature is our inspiration and that we aspire to make something as ingenious as nature has produced.Flexalink


The networks symbolize the connections we make all over the globe

World-map networks

The globe visual represents taking care of our planet in regard to climate, resources and ecosystems:

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