Naming Conventions

-> Know-how, expertise

-> Tailor-made, custom-fit

Complete, without problems
-> Headache-free, full-proof, secure

Sanitary water
-> Potable water (except for actual sanitary applications)

-> Challenge

-> Components*

-> Offer, provide, present

-> Future-proof, sustainable, durable

Not difficult
-> Easy, simple, hassle-free, smooth, no-sweat

When in doubt, or in lack of creativity: use! It is a great source for synonyms and can often help you find the right words and expressions to effectively convey your message.


A key element to take into account is the transition from mere ‘products’ to systems and solutions made accessible through markets and applications. We call this the MASSC approach. We speak of components rather than products because they are parts of a complete solution. They are important, but the most value comes from total solutions in regard to total benefit of ownership.