Dear brand ambassador,

s professionals, connectors, storytellers, partners, problem solvers, experts, specialists and pioneers we build a unique company that’s on an ambitious mission. Based on our actions, beliefs, promises, choices and interaction with our stakeholders, we also symbolize the brand that represents our company.
Our personal unique environments, backgrounds, expertise and ambitions make Thermaflex a highly dynamic working environment. It would be illogical to think that all of us would reflect a similar image. Nevertheless, we can agree to align based on our shared fundamentals and ambitions, through which we position ourselves as a smart choice.
As Thermaflex we show what we stand for with a unified voice. From our pioneers developing new markets, to our customer service caring for our loyal partners, to our purchasing, from our products to our services, from our internal communications regarding developments to proving our added value through our success stories to the world around us.
If you represent Thermaflex, and carry out and bring in the brand it stands for, it makes you an important ambassador.

Questions we should always be able to answer are:

Question 1-01   What does Thermaflex stand for?

Question 2-01    How does my work contribute to the ambitions Thermaflex stands for?

With this Online Branding Toolbox, we will equip you with the tools, inspirations and training to effectively represent the Thermaflex brand. We invite anyone with an open mind, willing to exchange ideas and co-create, to answer the questions above.

You will find a concrete set of guidelines to do so in regard to:

Digital 2.0-01   Print 2.0-01   Photography 2.0-01   Video 2.0-01   Tradeshow 2.0-01

Why harmonize our design? A uniform appearance not only achieves a high level of awareness, it also conveys a positive and consistent image to our stakeholders. On top of that, is it also highly valuable for us as employees. A common design significantly saves costs, and makes processes more simple and less time-consuming.

Why online? Online access is crucial for our international marketing  team as well as for our printers, graphic designers and advertising agencies around the world. All the graphic material needed can be downloaded for direct use, and any additions to our corporate design will be immediately visible, and accessible

Important: like many things that surround us, this is a living document. Feedback on what may not yet be covered is always very welcome!

Have fun and create great things!

The worldwide marketing team